If your current wood deck has been fading, splintering and rotting, you may be in the market for a whole new deck. This time, why not go with a vinyl deck made from PVC compounds? This type of material is the best for New England weather. Whereas wood decks require constant maintenance, vinyl decks are virtually maintenance free, and they will never rot and splinter.

When you live in an ever-changing, finicky climate like we do here in New England, you want to be sure the deck material you choose will last the test of time and not require a lot of upkeep. Thus, composite decking emerges as a leader in the decking materials industry, offering many advantages to homeowners who install it.

From durability to low maintenance, there are many benefits associated with composite decking. Here are some of those top benefits:


Especially if you plan to use your deck a lot for relaxing, grilling and entertaining, you need assurances that it will be built to last and extremely durable. Enter: composite decking. This extremely strong material will seamlessly hold the weight of furniture, pets and people. Engineered decks can be crafted from many materials, including vinyl, providing a high strength and resistance to insects, rot, insects, and wear and tear.

Low Maintenance

Unlike wood, composite decks don’t rot and break down over the years. They don’t require a lot of maintenance like wood decks do. New Englanders with traditional wood decks know they have to paint or stain their decks every year or two, especially with heavy use. This can cost a lot of time and money. With vinyl decking, you don’t have to spend time and money repainting or restaining to keep it looking like new. A hose wash-down is about the only thing you need to do.

Environmentally Friendly

While several trees will be sacrificed to make a wood deck, vinyl decking is made out of engineered materials crafted from recycled or scrap materials. This means there is no carbon footprint or environmental impact as compared with the lumber used in wood decks.

Color Selection

While the big draw of wood decks is that you can stain or paint wood decks in a variety of colors and finishes, you do have to provide touch ups each year. In the case of composite decking, though, you can choose from several colors, textures, and combinations that are designed to retain their luster throughout the years, with no need to upkeep, paint, or stain.


Wood decks can split and splinter, which can hurt your feet if you walk on it bare foot. With composite decking, splinters are never a concern.

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