What are “Architectural” Shingles?

If it is time for a new roof you’re likely considering a variety of options. One of those possibilities should be architectural shingles. But what

Cost vs. Value: Entry Doors

If you are considering new entry doors for your home, this is a wise choice – not only in terms of curb appeal but property

Cost vs. Value: Decks

If you’re thinking of putting on a deck addition to your home, you may be thinking about what kind of return on investment (ROI) you

Why Replace Your Wood Siding?

There’s no denying the beauty and appeal of natural wood exterior siding. But it also comes with a large amount of responsibility, as wood will

Choosing Your Siding Colors

When considering siding for your home, your first thought is likely: what color should I get? It’s not an easy decision. After all, this is

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