Everlast Siding Colors

There’s a great new siding product available for your home. Home owners who have been limited to a choice between vinyl, wood, or fiber cement have a terrific new option: Everlast Siding from Hi Tech Windows & Siding.

Everlast has taken siding into the 21st century be creating unique combination of inorganic minerals, polymer resins, and acrylic colorants to produce a thick, solid and exceptionally strong siding with unsurpassed durability. Everlast Siding’s patented C CORE® substrate is virtually impermeable to water, snow and ice, and its advanced UV-resistant capstock is molecularly fused for color fastness and durability.

Unlike wood, vinyl or fiber cement siding, Everlast Siding:

◉ Eliminates painting and caulking – forever!
◉ Is virtually impervious to water
◉ Is highly resistant to fading and discoloration
◉ Never bows, warps, splits, or swells
◉ Is insect-resistant
◉ Is ideal for wet and harsh climates

It is no wonder that years of research and testing have shown that Everlast Siding delivers superior protection and long lasting value for your home. Decades from now your siding will remain as pristine as the day it was installed.

Everlast Siding is available in both horizontal lap siding (in both standard 7” width and narrow 4-1/2” width) and 9” vertical board & batten siding designs. Subtle graining in the siding gives your home the look of natural cedar – without the time-consuming and expensive maintenance requirements. Everlast’s patented EZStack interlocking mounting system secures your new siding firmly to your home, preventing rattling in high winds.

Colorful Choices in Siding for Your Home

Every home owner wants their property to look its best. When you wrap your home in Everlast Siding from Hi Tech Windows & Siding you not only get the best protection from wind and weather, you also get an amazing array of colors from which to choose.

That means you can create a beautiful new look for your home that is perfect for its architectural style and your personal preferences.

Rich Siding Colors

Our lap siding color palette includes deep, rich hues and has been thoughtfully curated by experienced designers to complement any style of home. Our board & batten color palette features many of these same colors, giving you options for both horizontal and vertical siding patterns.

Perfectly Matched Siding Trim

No home siding project is complete unless it is accompanied by a trim and edging package that fully realizes the vision you have for your home. Hi Tech Windows & Siding’s skilled siding installation teams can finish your new siding in style with a trim package that is custom designed to match and complement Everlast’s siding colors.

Give Your Siding Palette Some Thought

Nobody said your home’s new siding had to be boring! The designers at Everlast Siding and Hi Tech have come up with several engaging color strategies you may want to consider for your home.

◉ Complimentary Colors – Two complimentary Everlast colors, Blue Spruce and Seaside Grey, combine beautifully with Everlast Color-Matched Trim in Natural White.
◉ Shade Variation – Dark brown Everlast Saddle Wood is tastefully paired with lighter Chestnut, while Everlast Color-Matched Trim in Misty Taupe completes the effect.
◉ Single Accent – Everlast Color-Matched Trim in Antique Ivory provides the perfect accent to Everlast siding in Cabernet Red.
◉ Monochromatic – Sand Dune in both Everlast siding and Color-Matched Trim produces a modern aesthetic and allows other architectural features to be accentuated.

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