10 steps to a more beautiful home

One of the nicest compliments we receive from our clients is that we made it easy for them to make their homes look nicer and perform better. They enter the process not knowing what to expect; after all, how often do you buy new siding, roofing or replacement windows? But, thanks to a proven project management process that we have developed over the years, homeowners find they can relax and actually enjoy the experience. Typically, meetings with us last 30-60 minutes in your home or in our showroom.

We look forward to a day when we can all return to a more regular schedule. In the meantime, there is no need to postpone a needed repair or delay scheduling a project. By taking extra precautions and using the technology available we can help you make your home a more comfortable place to live and work. We always make sure we protect you, and us, as we work together.

So here is our 10-step program, exactly what you can expect when you trust us to work on your home…

Step 1: Request an Estimate:  You start the balling rolling by emailing us, calling us on the phone or stopping into our showroom. We are happy to meet with you at a time that is most convenient for you to answer all of your questions.

Step 2: Complimentary Consultation and Needs Assessment:  Our first meeting takes place at your home, so that we can conduct an inspection and needs analysis. This is the time to discuss your hopes and dreams, and for us to start developing the plan that will help make them come true. We also take detailed measurements, discuss your budget, show you some examples of our work and samples of the products we may be recommending.

Step 3:  Project Development and Planning:  Once we know what you would like to accomplish with your home improvement project, our experienced planning team gets to work. We analyze the needs we have established during our visit to your home, develop a comprehensive solution, create a detailed plan, and develop a budget estimate designed to provide you with the best value for your investment.

Step 4: Project Presentation:  Once we have your project plan ready, we meet again to go over the details. This meeting can take place at your house or in our showroom, where we can show you a wide range of samples, colors and other options for your project. We go over every aspect of the project, answer all of your questions, and explain the details of how we developed the plan and budget.

Step 5: Project Acceptance:  While many of our clients choose to move forward immediately after our project presentation, we never pressure you to make a decision. A home improvement project is an important undertaking and we want you to consider it carefully. We are happy to address any additional concerns you may have.

Step 6: Pre-Construction Meeting:  Let’s get started! Once you have accepted our project scope and specifications, we get together again to review the work we will do, to make choices on design details such as materials and colors, and to plan the logistics of the project. At this point we also try to set a start date that is based on the delivery of your materials and availability of our work crews – with a little “wiggle room” included for the weather.

Step 7: Construction Phase:  We provide a construction schedule that aims to minimize disruption in your home. Your project will be completed by talented, friendly installation specialists dedicated to producing top quality work. You will be constantly updated on our progress every step of the way; no unpleasant surprises at the end of the job.

Step 8: Walk Through:  At the conclusion of the project our site manager takes you on a walk through of the work we have completed. We explain what was done, what features and functions you can now enjoy, and go over care and maintenance best practices. This is when the final seal of approval from you is achieved.  Our job is not done until you are completely satisfied with the work.

Step 9: Customer Survey and Feedback:  Your opinion is of great value to us. Which is why we ask each of our customers to take a brief survey conducted by an independent survey company. They contact you within a few days of the project’s end. Please let us know how we did, and if there are things we could do differently to enhance or improve the experience for you or your neighbors in the future.

Step 10: Warranty and Follow Up:  We always try to deliver lasting value for our customers. That’s why we warranty our work for 10 years and check in with you periodically during warranty period. We want to be sure our work continues to meet with your approval and expectations.

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