If a siding project has been on your mind, there’s no better time to tackle it than this spring. The weather is mild, contractors aren’t as busy, and you can have it all done in time for summer. Check out these top benefits of replacing your siding with the arrival of the spring season.

Mild Weather

The spring season is the perfect time to perform any kind of exterior installation due to the milder weather. For the most part, siding installers can finish up their projects faster because they aren’t exposed to cold winter weather or hot and humid summer weather. Also, projects tend to get done more quickly in the spring because the days are longer and your installers can stay on the job an hour or two longer than they would in winter.

Spring brings a more comfortable working environment that translates to fewer delays and a tighter timeline. In addition, warm weather is ideal when it comes to logistics, with fewer installation delays, especially when materials have to be ordered from far away. Frequent rainfall and thunderstorms in summer tend to cause delays on in-progress installations.

As opposed to the winter, the warmer months of spring are ideal in terms of siding materials, which require higher temperatures to effectively seal and adhere.

Avoid the Peak Season

The summer is peak season for many contractors. When you wait till the extremely hot weather hits, you may feel pressured to hire the first installer you can find because they’re all getting booked up fast. Not only does this mean you don’t have time to research the reputation of the contractor, you may also not get your pick of times and may just have to take what you can get.

When you’re able to plan your siding installation in spring, you have more time to research your options, compare quotes, and plan installation dates. Having a siding job going on when the kids are out of school for the summer can also be a challenge as they will be underfoot.

When you book a siding installation during the off-peak season, you also get more leeway if delays push the project out a bit. This delay won’t be as long as it would be in summer, when jobs are already backed up and any delay can lead to a domino effect on other projects.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Getting your siding installed now means you can enjoy the energy efficiency it affords throughout the dog days of summer when the AC will be cranking.

Low Maintenance

Siding installation in spring gives you more time to enjoy the relaxation of the upcoming summer season because you won’t be spending July and August fixing and maintaining your old siding.

In the end, spring is the perfect season to finally get that siding project done. Then all you have to worry about this summer is taking a vacation.

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