If you’re looking to add on a deck this summer, it’s time to start researching now. Booking your deck contractor in spring will ensure your deck will be ready to go for all that summer fun you have planned. Consider a vinyl deck made from PVC compounds, built to withstand all that harsh New England weather. Virtually maintenance free, vinyl won’t rot or splinter, which is good news for bare feet scampering over the deck.

Composite decking, a leader in the decking materials industry, can help you transform your outdoor space with these innovative ideas.

Outdoor Dining

Make mealtime a lot more fun by dining outdoors on your new deck. Add built-in seating, patio tables, plush chairs and cushions, an area rug, and bar cart for wine enthusiasts. Transform your deck into a mini dining room, personalizing the space with wind chimes, candlesticks, and wall hangings.

Banquettes are becoming more and more popular in outdoor dining, offering a more comfy and laid-back version of the traditional dining table concept. Add a soft couch and wide table to accommodate your large family or all the guests you plan to have over for barbecues.


Add a canopy to the side of the deck overlooking your pool or garden, and pair it with an outdoor couch or day bed for added comfort. A canopy will give you a nice blend of sun and shade so you can pick and choose how much exposure you want. Another way to filter out the sun is to add a pergola for the best of both worlds.

Tile Accents

Add shine to dim areas of your deck with tile accents, such as penny mosaic tiles. They’re easy to install, and can be further adorned with lanterns, candles, flowers, and outdoor furniture to complete your inviting sitting area. Tile is also easy to clean, so it makes for a low-maintenance addition to your composite deck.

Fire Pit

Make a fire pit an integral part of your new deck design. Add a half circle of seating for gathering around the fire on chilly nights. You can expand this idea to include an entire outdoor kitchen complete with sink, prep areas, fire place, and even a pizza oven for those summer nights when you’re craving a slice but don’t want to heat up the whole house with the oven.

Outdoor Bath

Outdoor showers and baths are gaining in popularity. Incorporate a semi-enclosure on your deck or just off it. Invest in a copper shower head or tub if you have the budget, or even a sauna or steam room in which to relax and shed all your daily stress.


Who says your deck has to be a perfect square and just one level? Add as many levels as you want so your deck becomes an aesthetic showpiece as well as a functional space. Try different colors of vinyl decking, too, perhaps with a deep brown for center boards and gray around the borders for contrast.

Extension of the House

There doesn’t have to be a clear line of demarcation from your interior to your exterior. Use your new deck as an extension of your home by not only installing doors that open up onto your deck but continuing the same color scheme, furniture and décor in both spaces. This concept works especially well in summer when you and the kids are constantly in and out.

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