Best Decking Materials For New England Weather

If your current wood deck has been fading, splintering and rotting, you may be in the market for a whole new deck. This time, why not go with a vinyl deck made from PVC compounds? This type of material is the best for New England weather. Whereas wood decks require constant maintenance, vinyl decks are … Continued

4 Reasons to Add a New Deck to Your Home This Spring

Spring may be a few months away but there’s no better time to start planning an exterior improvement project for your Merrimack Valley home. How about a brand new deck? From wood to composite, decks help you boost the usability of your outdoor space so you’re able to fully enjoy backyard pool parties, barbecues and … Continued

3 Things to Consider When Building a New Deck

There’s nothing like enjoying a spacious deck off the back or side of your home in the warm New England weather. Whether you like to grill out every night, host BBQs, watch the kids splash in the pool or just relax with a good book, a deck makes all that possible. When contemplating building a … Continued

Advantages of an Engineered Deck

If you are thinking about adding a deck onto your home, you may be grappling with which material to choose: wood or composite (engineered) decking. Composite decks have become exponentially more popular in recent years, making them the top choice among homeowners today. Wood is, of course, a traditional choice and a staple when it … Continued

Composite vs. Wood Decks

When thinking about a new deck this summer, you may be going back and forth between composite decking vs. wood decking. It’s a tough choice but cost may be the deciding factor – at least this year. In some areas of the country, what would have cost you $25 a square foot before for wood … Continued

Cost vs. Value: Decks

If you’re thinking of putting on a deck addition to your home, you may be thinking about what kind of return on investment (ROI) you can get with this type of project. Cost vs. value can be very different depending on which home improvement project you’re talking about. As you can see in the below … Continued

Expand Your Living Space with an Outdoor Deck

If you love to enjoy a good book on the porch or wish to entertain more outdoors, a deck would make a great complement to your home. A deck, whether open or enclosed with screens, is the ultimate in outdoor living, where you can transform your yard into a kitchen, dining room, reading nook, entertainment … Continued

Trends in Deck Design

Decks make for wonderful features that complement your outdoor living experience. We all love to grill out on the deck in summer, watch the kids splash in the pool, recline with a good book or catch some sun. A good deck lets us do all of that and more. If your existing deck is outdated … Continued

Expand Your Home this Spring with a New Deck!

No matter the size of your home, there are times when you just need a little more space. Whether you’re planning a graduation party, a cookout, or just a large family dinner, a comfortable outdoor space is the perfect addition. Adding a large deck or patio to your home gives you the room you need … Continued

A Hi-Tech Deck: All the Comforts of Home

Your standard, traditional deck is fairly straightforward. It’s a platform, generally attached to the home, that may have handrails and steps leading up to it. Simple stuff. But there’s nothing simple about a Hi-Tech deck! The latest innovation in deck design, a Hi-Tech deck offers a number of options that your standard deck cannot. These … Continued

Spring Home “Walkaround” Checklist

Raise your hand if the challenging winter we just experienced has left you longing for sunny skies and warm temperatures. We are all a little bit tired of being FROZEN – and I don’t mean that ubiquitous Disney movie!  As battered as we have all been by the snow, ice and cold, imagine the toll … Continued

The Best Home Improvement Investments in 2015

Part of owning a home is performing maintenance and making improvements to protect and preserve its value, as well as making sure your home is comfortable and attractive. But home improvements come with a cost and we all want to be sure we are making a smart investment.

Almost Time for a Spring Home Check Up!

Will this long, cold, snow-filled winter ever end? The answer is, “Of course!” And, once the snow finally stops falling and temperatures begin to rise, we’ll have the opportunity to assess the damage that the brutal weather has caused to our homes. When it is safe to do so you should follow this “DO’s and … Continued

Turning Your Dream Home into a Reality

Every homeowner has a picture in their head of their ideal home. In many cases that picture is just a few quick renovations away from becoming a reality. Here at Hi-Tech Windows, we’ve made it our business to provide our neighbors with everything they need to turn their current homes into their dream homes. We … Continued