If you are thinking about adding a deck onto your home, you may be grappling with which material to choose: wood or composite (engineered) decking. Composite decks have become exponentially more popular in recent years, making them the top choice among homeowners today. Wood is, of course, a traditional choice and a staple when it comes to decking, boasting its own advantages.

But engineered decking has a lot of benefits too, so it’s easy to see why so many people choose it over wood.

Composite decking is…


Your deck will probably get a lot of use out of your family and guests over many months of the year. As such, it must be built to last and extremely durable to handle all that you throw at it. Composite decking is very strong and can easily hold the weight of people, furniture, and pets. Engineered decks are made out of many materials, including vinyl, which gives you high strength and resistance to rot, insects, and wear and tear over the years.

Low in Maintenance

Unlike wood, composite decking will not break down and rot, and as such it will need very little upkeep. Also unlike wood, you don’t have to restain or repaint it every couple of years. The most it will need is a quick wash down with the hose.

Environmentally Friendly

Many trees are sacrificed to make a wood deck, but not so with vinyl decking! Most engineered decks are made from recycled or scrap materials, leaving no environmental impact or carbon footprint, especially when you compare them to wood decks which are comprised of a lot of lumber.

Available in Many Colors

Yes, you can stain or paint wood decks in a variety of finishes and colors, but you will have to touch those up every year. Not only is this a hassle because you have to dedicate a whole weekend to doing this yourself, you’ll have to shell out money every year to buy all the supplies. If you pay someone to do it, you’re paying for their labor as well. But with composite decking, you can choose from a variety of colors, combinations and textures that you can expect to retain their luster year over year. No painting, staining or upkeep involved!

Safe to Walk On

If you’ve ever had a wood deck before, you know how easy it is to get splinters in your feet as you walk or run on it. You can enjoy composite decking in confidence knowing you will never get a single splinter! You, your kids and your pets will appreciate this.

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