Is your house lacking something special, that extra curb appeal that will draw the eye and make everyone say wow? Well, not to worry. There are a few improvements you can make to your home to increase its appeal, from a new farmer’s porch or deck to new roofing and siding. Even new windows and trim can give your home a facelift.

It’s easy to find your home’s potential with these five home improvement projects.

1.     New Roof

While it doesn’t sound like a flashy improvement, it can certainly augment and enhance the whole look of your house. Before you say that your roof isn’t an integral design element of your house, consider the fact that 60 percent or even more of most homes’ visible shell is the roof. That means it’s what most people see when they look at your home. If you have missing or curling shingles in a fading color, it can inject a lot of personality when you refresh the material and update the coloring.

2.     Siding

Again, while not considered an exciting home improvement like, say, a sunroom or addition is, new siding can increase your curb appeal exponentially. Not only do you never have to paint again, you can customize your style and color and not have to worry about fading or peeling. New siding offers a streamlined, updated look to any house.

3.     Farmer’s Porch and Deck

If your house lacks a deck or farmer’s porch, you should do yourself a favor and add some depth and dimension with these elements. Not only do they increase the square footage of your home, they provide more space to relax and entertain on a nice day.

4.     Sunroom

Who doesn’t want a room that’s flooded with sunlight during the day? A sunroom adds square footage plus it gives you a beautiful area in which to read, watch TV and entertain. Bonus: you can save on energy costs by letting the sun heat things up naturally.

5.     New Front Door

Finally, if you think a new front door will not do much in terms of curb appeal, you would be wrong. A new door, a pop of color, a new frame, and you have a beautiful home that will make all the neighbors envious.

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