It may be hot outside this summer, but it’s never too early to start considering ways to conserve energy this winter when the cold sets in. There are many benefits to keeping your attic cold in winter, from balancing the temperature with the outside air to preventing ice dams caused by melting snow. 

Let’s take a more in-depth look at why you should keep your attic cold this winter.

Balance Temperature With Outside Air

Your attic is a cold zone, which means it should be the same temperature as the outside air. When you let heat escape from your home into the attic, and cool air from the outside meets in the middle, you will have a problem. You will know if your attic is losing heat in the winter if you see icicles and patches of melted snow on the roof, which is a sign of heat loss.

Prevent Ice Dams Caused by Melting Snow

Ice damming typically stems from attic issues rather than with eaves issues. Too little insulation around the perimeter of the attic often results in heat loss when it comes into contact with cold air. Thus, it creates condensation and freezing. Keep your attic cold so it matches the outdoor air and you won’t have this melting/freezing problem.

Prevent Moisture Damage on Roof Deck

Warm air holds moisture, and moisture damages the wood materials used in the structure of your rooftop. High humidity levels not only damage roof decking but shingles as well. Moisture trapped in an attic can lead to mold forming on roof rafters and floor joists. Both mold and moisture start weakening plywood roof sheathing, causing separation of the plywood layers.

Install Better Insulation

Install better quality insulation, in the proper way, and you will get all the protection you need, rather than jacking up the heat to gain comfort. Better insulation will not only reduce energy costs, it will prevent moisture condensation as well.

Make Sure Attic is Well Ventilated

Proper insulation and air sealing keeps attics cold in winter by blocking heat and moist air from getting in from below. Poor ventilation results in a variety of issues, including moisture buildup. This shows up in the form of frost located on the under-side of the rafters or roof. Frost tends to form when warm air becomes trapped in the attic, then condenses and freezes on the wood.

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