If your wood siding is peeling and faded, and it’s been a few years since you’ve added a coat of paint, it’s time to think about what the next step will be. Will you paint the wood siding again or make the leap and convert to vinyl or fiber cement siding instead? It’s a great option worth strong consideration, as you will enjoy maintenance-free, scrape-free, paint-free home ownership for decades to come.

Here’s why adding new siding is better than painting your home.

Low Maintenance

While paint is versatile and comes in many different colors, it involves a lot of upkeep that most homeowners just don’t have time for. You have to repaint your home every five years at least, and in between you have to worry about rot, peeling and fading. With siding, you choose one color and go with it, never having to paint again.

The low maintenance of siding is a big draw to homeowners. Who has the time – or money for that matter – to paint their whole house every few years? Painting involves lots of prep work, such as scraping off all the chipped paint, priming, washing the exteriors, buying the paint and supplies, or hiring someone to do it all – at great expense.

If you do it yourself, you’re looking at a few weekends of work – and that’s if the weather cooperates. With vinyl siding, you hire someone to install it once, and then you don’t have to worry about a big maintenance expense going forward. Simple power washing or even a hose washing will be enough to keep it looking good.


Lifespan is much longer with siding. For example, vinyl siding lasts upwards of 25, 30 years to a lifetime with the right TLC and upkeep, as opposed to having to paint every five years. Also, when you install vinyl siding, you can take that opportunity to add a protective underlayment. This, in turn, boosts your insulation value and energy savings, which paint can’t do.

Streamlined Look

Painted wood has more of a rustic appearance, whereas vinyl siding offers a clean, crisp, streamlined look. You can also choose from many styles, such as cedar shake and scalloped, for an instant boost in character and charm. While you have to make a finite choice on siding color that can’t be changed later on, you can get creative with the trim and shutters you choose. Shutters and decorative elements can always be switched out later if your style evolves over the years.

Weather Resistance

Living in New England, you know the harsh seasonal weather can do a number on your exteriors. Paint and wood are particularly susceptible to the elements. The UV rays of the sun will fade even the highest quality paint over time, and moisture can lead to wood and insect rot. You don’t have to worry about that with vinyl siding.

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