Thinking of getting siding for your home? It’s a wise decision, especially from a financial standpoint. Remodeling Magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value” study for 2019 shows replacing your siding returns more than 88 percent of your cost in improved home value for New England homes, among the highest return on investment for any remodeling project. Plus, you get a beautiful home, lower maintenance requirements, and improved insulation against the winter cold.

Here are some more reasons as to why new siding is a good investment.

Weather Resistance

The main purpose of siding is to protect your home against the elements. In particular, vinyl siding and fiber cement offer the best trade-off between durability and affordability. Vinyl has exceptional impact resistance coupled with a relatively low cost, while fiber cement delivers all-around resilience. Both materials are good choices when it comes to a reliable protective skin for exterior walls.

Curb Appeal

Of all your home’s exterior elements, siding offers the most visual weight – making or breaking the appearance of your façade. Siding comes in a variety of colors and complementary trims, not to mention diverse styles, to help you achieve the exact design you want. Siding will remain vibrant for many years to come, adding to your curb appeal. A great first impression is vital, especially if you plan to sell your home in the near future.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other materials, such as wood, vinyl and fiber cement are virtually maintenance-free. You never have to re-paint them, translating to minimal product lifecycle expenses. The most you’ll have to do is hose off the dirt that may collect over time. 

Energy Efficiency

Wrapping your home in quality siding offers you more than a simple cosmetic upgrade. Good siding protects your home against Mother Nature’s wrath, from winter storms and heavy spring rains to severe hail storms and high winds. This is the best way to increase your home’s energy efficiency and even repair structural damage at the same time. Once you have removed the old siding, you have the perfect opportunity to replace or add insulation before the new siding is installed, which increases energy efficiency.

Home Value

New siding boosts the market value of your home. Remember how we mentioned the 88 percent ROI? That’s great news because it means you will get a lot of your investment back if you plan to sell the home. Potential buyers can’t help but see the aesthetic value, and they’ll also realize the significant energy savings involved too.

In the end, siding gives you one of the highest ROIs you can get out of a home renovation, along with window replacement and new entry doors.

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