It’s important to get proof of both liability and workers’ compensation insurance when settling on the right roofer, replacement window, or siding contractor for your home. It can be overwhelming to properly research roofers and choose the ideal candidate. But it’s an important process that should not be glossed over.

Failing to check on these aspects can result in a poor installation job, incomplete job, sub-par materials, injury, accident and more. When on the hunt for a roofer, always ask if they carry liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

Liability insurance will cover damage to your property while the roofing project is going on. In the event something goes wrong, you will not be responsible for the costs of any resulting damage. In other words, you won’t have to pay out of pocket if there’s an accident, such as a ladder crashing through a window from a careless worker. This also protects you as the home owner in case you sustain injury while the project is going on, such as if you step outside your front door and get hit in the head with a shingle.

Workers’ compensation insurance protects you in the event a member of the roofing company gets injured while on your property. If a contractor doesn’t have workers’ comp, you may have to pay the medical bills for any injured employee or subcontractor.

Most states, including Massachusetts, require roofing companies (and all similar contractors) to be fully insured.

In a nutshell, your roofer should be fully insured to avoid:

  • Risk of roofer accident
  • Risk of homeowner or family member being injured
  • Risk of accidental home damage

Key Takeaways

Take these key points into consideration when vetting roofers for your upcoming installation project.

  • A reputable residential roofing contractor should carry liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance – at minimum. There are other insurance types they can hold as well, such as auto insurance for their work trucks.
  • Without the proper coverage, you may be held personally responsible for paying out of pocket any costs of property damage, on-the-job injury or subsequent workers’ compensation claims.
  • While most states require roofers to be insured, not all of them are above board with licensing and insurance. Never assume the roofers you speak to are fully licensed and insured.
  • Some roofing companies can take advantage of homeowners’ lack of knowledge about insurance just to get the booking.
  • The more informed you are about contractor licensing and insurance, the better protected you will be—financially and legally.

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