Gutters are a critical part of your roofing system and contribute to the overall health of your home. There are many reasons for this, from protecting your foundation to preventing erosion. That’s why gutters and roofs often go hand in hand. One helps the other, so to speak. When there is an absence of gutters, issues can start piling up that will take money and time to correct.

Let’s explore the benefits of gutters as they relate to your roof in more detail.

Importance of Gutters

Here are some of the top ways gutters contribute to the health of your roof and the rest of your property. Gutters and downspouts:

  • Help to stabilize the soil around the house by diverting water run-off.
  • Keep the foundation dry while protecting landscaping around the house.
  • Lessen the settling and cracking of sidewalks, patios, and driveways.
  • Prevent water damage to siding, exterior doors and window frames.
  • Preserve the integrity of roofing materials.
  • Help to prevent roof leaks.
  • Keep mold, mildew, and fungus at bay, as well as standing water that can attract mosquitoes.
  • Prevent cracks or holes in the attic.
  • Prevent fascia rot, which is the edge of your roof. The fascia keeps the gutters attached to the roof. The fascia could rot when water doesn’t properly drain from the gutters. This can also lead to cracks and holes that encourage bugs and critters.
  • Prevent foundation issues by eliminating pools of water. Eventually, foundation issues can even affect the roof.
  • Prevent standing water. Improper pitch can lead to standing water. Your gutters need a quarter inch of slope for every 10 feet, at least. Without proper pitch, water will not drain out efficiently.
  • Keeps clogs at bay. Clogged gutters trap water and debris, which can cause strain on your gutters so that they start to pull away from the roof. This compromises the integrity of the roof at the edge.

As you can see, there are many reasons why gutters are essential to the health of your roof and home.

The key is to regularly inspect your gutters and roof, ideally twice a year. This will help to detect any issues and address them before they get worse. Roof replacement is a costly endeavor that you want to avoid as long as you can. In order to do that, being mindful of the state of your gutters is a wise course of action.

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