From professionalism and prompt service to cleanliness and honesty, there are many things you should expect from your siding professional. Here are some guidelines to follow as you work through the hiring process.


First off, you want to hire a professional with plenty of experience in the industry. Ask about their license and insurance information, and find out how many years they have been in business. Get referrals and read reviews to further determine their professionalism and accountability. Speak with them on the phone or meet in person to go over your needs. In speaking with them, this will give you a good idea of their level of professionalism.

Prompt Service

When a siding contractor says they will show up at a certain time, they should follow through on that promise. If they show up late, or worse, not at all, this is a good indication of how difficult and frustrating the process will become. You want a siding contractor that arrives at the scheduled time, in uniform, ready to work.


Not only should the contractors have a clean and neat appearance, their work should also reflect a certain level of cleanliness. They should leave a clean site when they’re done, and clean up after themselves every day. This includes thoroughly cleaning the area when the project is completed. Unkempt, cluttered work sites can be dangerous to your family and visitors.

Full Disclosure

Your siding contractor should be upfront about pricing, scheduling and timelines. Get everything in writing, and make sure you sign a contract only after reading the fine print. Get a copy of their insurance and licensing to ensure everyone’s safety throughout the project.


An honest siding contractor will keep you in the loop about progress of the project, let you know right away when there will be delays, and be upfront about the challenges of the job. You want someone who will let you know if they can’t be there the next day due to a prior commitment or weather events, rather than just failing to show up at all and leaving you guessing. You may have a certain timeline in mind for completion, but you also want a contractor who will be honest about how long the project will take so you don’t have false expectations.


Once the siding project is complete, the contractor’s job doesn’t end. You want a professional who will follow up with you in a week to see how the siding is faring and to ensure your satisfaction. If there is an issue down the line with the labor or materials, you want a contractor that will return to make it right. You also want someone who will honor your warranty if necessary without pulling a vanishing act.

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