As a homeowner in New England looking to update their siding, the choice can be tricky. You want a material that’s durable and can withstand harsh weather variations here in Massachusetts but you also want to add as much value as you can for your home while staying comfortable all year long.

There are two main options available to you: vinyl and fiber cement. Fiber cement has a few advantages over vinyl for New England homes, but that doesn’t mean vinyl wouldn’t be right for you. The ROI on vinyl siding is a whopping 94 percent, while fiber cement siding gives you an ROI of 88 percent, according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2023.

Fiber Cement: Tops For New England Weather

While you will shell out more money at the beginning, this high-quality product will last longer than other materials.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding in particular is a great option in New England. That’s because fiber cement:

  • Has a rugged, durable surface
  • Is available in a wide selection of colors, designs, trims and accessories
  • Boasts a technologically-advanced material
  • Adds value and beauty to your home
  • Offers the traditional look of natural wood without the maintenance and rot issues
  • Won’t fade or flake
  • Has excellent color durability
  • Resists fire, rain, wind, and insects
  • Is environmentally friendly

Fiber cement siding can be used in all climates but does best in cold, snowy and rainy conditions. We certainly have plenty of those here in New England! It won’t rot and termites won’t invade due to the material’s composition of cement and sand, rather than wood. It also resists high humidity and salt air, making it a good choice for coastal areas (but not as good as vinyl in that respect).

Fiber cement can be installed in planks that have either wood-grained or smoother finishes in widths of between four and 12 inches. This versatility makes it easy to match your existing siding when putting on an addition or garage. You can even add overhangs of vertical grooves as well as soffit panels.

Vinyl: Another Great Option

Coming in at second place is vinyl siding. It’s durable and affordable but not quite as strong as its cousin, fiber cement. That said, it can still stand up to harsh New England winters. Not only is it fade-resistant and rot-resistant, it doesn’t take as much maintenance as other materials like wood. Vinyl also happens to insulate well, which means it can lower your energy bills throughout all seasons. Lightweight and easy to install, vinyl makes a great choice for New England homeowners.

The one exception to being second place is if you live along the coast. In that case, vinyl is better at withstand salty sea air thanks to its moisture barrier that gives it a waterproof quality.

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