If you’ve decided it’s time to replace your roof, you will want to ensure it’s made from the latest high-quality materials  — and features a ridge vent. This is a vent that runs the length of the peak of your home, sort of like a “mini roof” over a three-inch or so slit. It works best when paired with a soffit vent on either side of the edge of the roof. When done correctly, ridge vents blend in well with the décor of your roof and do not stand out.

But they provide much-needed ventilation for your home, allowing rising hot air to be released from the attic. As cool air enters your attic from the vents, hot, stale air escapes from the top. This circulation of air is critical in regulating the temperature of your roof. The release of this hot air will extend the life of your shingles, prevent ice damming, and lower cooling costs.

There are many types of roof vents you can have, but ridge vents are the most cost effective and efficient ventilation system overall. This system keeps your home from falling victim to too much moisture, which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Benefits of Roof Ridge Vents

There are many benefits of roof ridge vents, such as:

1.     Temperature Moderation

Hot air rises, which is why the second story of your home is warmer than the first. When you install a ridge vent, this helps to moderate your home’s temperature by allowing hot air to escape once it hits the attic. Your home stays cooler, reducing the need for excessive HVAC use in the summer. Thus, your energy bill is reduced as well.

2.     Rodent Prevention

Many older roof vent styles allow rodents and other pests such as squirrels to get into your attic. The unique design of a ridge vent will prevent the entry of pests of any size so you don’t need to set traps. This will reduce the chance of experiencing costly pest damage that can do a number on your insulation, structural supports and more.

3.     Appearance

Ridge vents are low-profile with an aesthetically-pleasing appearance. They are installed along the ridge of your roof, usually covered by shingle caps so you can’t really notice it from ground level.

4.     Natural Air Circulation

Ridge vents give you the most natural air circulation. As wind blows over the roof, a change in air pressure occurs which takes the hot air from your attic. Then, fresh, cool air is allowed to enter, resulting in a natural airflow.

5.     No Reliance on Other Systems

Some air ventilation systems have to be used in conjunction with other equipment in order to work correctly. But ridge vents can work independently of box or soffit vents, or can work seamlessly with them, depending on your unique situation.

6.     Improved Indoor Air Quality

Ridge vents infiltrate your home with clean, fresh air, reducing indoor air pollution that can make your family sick. Because damp, stale air is allowed to escape, fresh air can easily get in and reduce allergens that can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

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