If you’re looking to install a new entry door for your home, you’re likely concerned with the style you choose. After all, you will have to live with your choice for years to come. You want something classic with a touch of modern style to stay on top of the latest trends. Even the smallest detail can make all the difference in your entry way, boosting your curb appeal and enhancing your property value.

Here are some door decor trends for 2021 to keep an eye on.

Wide Front Doors

Wide front doors are all the rage this year, as they add depth and dimension to any home. Not only can you open up the space, you can get larger items through it if you had to, such as furniture and appliances. No more squeezing through tight spaces! This is also ideal if you entertain a lot or have a large family who wants to get into the house at the same time.

Color Trends

Creamy white, gray and brown still remain classic and popular, as does black. But for 2021, the trend is to have a front door in the same color as the siding of your home. This seamless blend makes for an interesting visual that pulls the home together. Make this disappearing door pop with decorative hardware and accents. Another trend in colors? Pastels. This gives your exterior a light and peaceful feel.

Dark, brooding shades of entry doors are also trending, as well as designs with etched glass and iron. Energetic shades such as red coral, orange, yellow and rose are also making an appearance on the scene.

Pivot Doors

A captivating way to provide entry to your home, pivot doors are an ultra-modern alternative to traditional swing doors. Because they rotate on a pivot box, they are ideal for large openings. These attention-grabbing contemporary doors are at the forefront of architectural design, resulting in an impressive entrance to your home. These work well in custom homes that feature wide hallways and spacious transitions between rooms. In fact, many homeowners are replacing their double door entrances with pivot doors in homes for a more dramatic entry way.

Glass Elements

Exterior glass elements create a bright and open feel that encourage lots of natural light into your entry hallway. Full glass views in particular are hot right now, which not only modernize the entrance but offer an airy feel that’s perfect for open-concept homes.

Smart Doors

Front door security is always a concern with homeowners. Take advantage of today’s technology and choose a smart door with secure lock that you can engage or disengage via an app on your phone – no matter where you are. Pair these doors with smart video cameras and alarm devices.

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