There’s no denying the importance of roof maintenance over the years. Not only does regular TLC increase your home’s curb appeal, it extends the lifespan of your roof so you get many more years of use out of it. Routine maintenance can also help keep costly roof repairs at bay.

Check out these solid reasons why regular roof maintenance shouldn’t be neglected.

Extend Roof Lifespan

You invested a lot of money in your roof, so it’s a no-brainer that you should do all you can to protect it. Spending just a little bit of time in every season to perform regular roof maintenance will help ensure your roof lasts as long as it was supposed to. Neglect will only put you on the path to costly premature replacement.

Protect Your Family

Your roof forms the last line of defense in regards to the separation of the weather and your family. Maintaining that protective barrier against weather events (rain, snow, sleet, etc.), as well as falling tree limbs, mold growth and excess moisture, will keep your family safe through all seasons.

Protect Your House and Belongings

Your roof’s top job is to keep the contents of your home safe and dry. Without a strong roof, the water would seep into the structure, damaging appliances and furniture, as well as supporting beams, rafters, walls, and foundations. Good property management starts with a good roof.

Save Money

Who doesn’t want to save cash? Well, you can with regular roof maintenance. When you address small issues now before they blossom into more complex and costly problems, you save yourself a boatload of money. Ignoring just one small hole in the roof in spring can lead to a huge hole and flooding in your home come winter. Think about it: it’s cheaper to fix that small hole now than it is to pay for significant damage later on that brings with it emergency service calls and big, unexpected bills.

Protect Your Property Value

A well-maintained roof not only has a better appearance, it performs better while at the same time sustaining your house’s overall value. If you’re intending to sell in a few years, consider that buyers look favorably on homes with newer roofs, and will pay more for them. Why? Buyers appreciate well-maintained roofs because they trust in their quality and longevity. Plus, they know they won’t be faced with the large bills associated with replacing a roof shortly after purchasing a home.

Regular Roof Maintenance Tasks

Check out these helpful examples of roof maintenance tasks you should have a professional roofer in Methuen perform for you:

  • Check for stains, missing shingles or peeling shingles
  • Sweep and inspect chimney
  • Inspect for leaks in caulking and flashing
  • Check for pests
  • Check pipe boots for cracks and other damage
  • Check roof ventilation
  • Remove debris from gutters and roof

Regular roof maintenance can spell the difference between a dangerous eyesore and an aesthetically-pleasing, protective barrier for your home.

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