In the market for new replacement windows? Looking for the style that will give your home the most light and circulation? Your replacement window contractor in Methuen can work with you on the best windows for those purposes, but here are some general guidelines. From picture and sliding to casement and bay/bow windows, certain styles are more conducive to natural light filtration.

1.     Picture Windows

Picture windows are named that for a reason: You get a nice expansive, uninterrupted “picture” or view of the outdoors. With no sashes or grilles to obstruct your view, you get the maximum light filtration possible, especially if you go with floor-to-ceiling picture windows. This is your best bet if your goal is to create a bright, airy room.

However, while picture windows let in the most illumination, they let in no ventilation, as they do not open at all. To remedy this, many homeowners choose to place smaller windows on either side that do open so at least you get some fresh air circulation.

2.     Horizontal Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are another great option if your goal is to let as much light as possible into your room. They work similarly to a sliding glass door in that you can simply slide the window open from side to side. Open them up when you want a breeze and close them when you don’t. They feature one middle frame where both sides come together, which is the only area that disrupts your view.

Horizontal sliders typically aren’t as big as picture windows, but they do the job of allowing lots of light to filter in.

3.     Bay and Bow Windows

For the most panoramic field of vision, you can’t go wrong installing bay or bow windows. These large, elegant windows allow for a wide viewing area, extending past the exterior wall of the house for an extra dimensional component. This type of window also serves to increase the living space and floor space in your room due to that extension.

This allows you to get creative in what you put directly under the window, too. You could add a window seat for quiet contemplation or a shelf for displaying frames and collectibles. Not only do bay and bow windows make the room look bigger, they let in the most light to naturally heat your interior on sunny days.

4.     Casement Windows

Casement windows work by swinging open instead of sliding up and down like you would get with a double hung window or horizontal slider. Because they can’t slide, you get an unobstructed view without the need for a center sash or grilles. In addition to the unobstructed view, you get good cross ventilation with this style as well.

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