With fall headed our way, you may be wondering if you should install storm doors before the upcoming winter season. There are many benefits to doing so, ranging from energy efficiency to increased natural light. If you haven’t scheduled your storm door installation yet, you should add this to your home improvement to-do list soon.

Check out these many advantages of storm doors:

More Natural Light

A bright entryway can be very inviting for you and your guests; however, without a storm door, there’s not much natural light flooding the hallway to present a bright, sunny interior. Long foyers in particular are susceptible to being dim and dreary. Installing a storm door means you can leave your front door open in all seasons for an influx of natural light and warmth. And with more light, your safety increases too because you are able to see more clearly rather than come home to a dark hallway.

Exterior Door Protection

Installing a storm door will protect your primary entry door from rain, ice and snow, thereby cutting down on the costs of maintenance and increasing its longevity.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

An entry door makes for a valuable investment that adds a lot to your curb appeal. It’s often the first thing people notice when pulling up to your home. You have many options available to you when it comes to enhancing that curb appeal, from new hardware to glass designs. You can even order a storm door in a variety of colored frames to match your existing décor.

Better Air Circulation

Often times, we want the natural light that comes with a storm door but we also want to feel a breeze. Living in New England, we have limited opportunity to take advantage of nice weather, which is why a storm door featuring seasonal ventilation with an interchangeable full screen would be a wise choice. From catching a breeze to watching the rain fall, you may want to invest in a storm door featuring full glass panels that you can easily switch out with a full screen any time you like.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Storm doors offer a buffer against summer heat and winter cold. The U.S. Department of Energy says storm doors can reduce energy loss up to 50 percent.

A Safer Home

Storm doors these days come with the latest in security features, including a built-in keyed lock that is separate from your home’s primary door. This gives you peace of mind in knowing you have an additional barrier against intruders.

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