Your siding is a vital component of your home’s exterior. It covers the largest part of your exterior walls, which means that aside from making your home look even more beautiful, it also provides an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Even with its importance, however, the siding is probably one of the most neglected parts in most homes. In fact, unless there’s an urgent problem, most homeowners wouldn’t even think about replacing their old siding.

This is detrimental to the safety of your home because your siding offers a protective shell from the rain, sun, ice, and other elements. If there’s a leak, it will surely cause a lot of problems to your home’s interior. Worse, it may already be too late to prevent costly damage to your property by the time you find the leak.

To determine if you need to replace your siding ASAP, Hi-Tech Windows & Siding, experts in siding in Andover, MA and the surrounding areas, reveals the tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace your siding:

1. High Heating and Cooling Bills

As earlier mentioned, siding offers an extra layer of protection against the heat and cold outside your home. If your siding is damaged, then your home insulation is also compromised, which can result higher heating and cooling bills.

2. Rundown Appearance

If there are numerous cracks, dents, and warping, it will definitely affect the overall appearance of your home. That’s because the siding plays a major role in your home exterior’s appearance and curb appeal. If your siding is looking like it’s been through a lot, then your whole house would definitely look like it’s falling to pieces as well.

3. Failing paint

If the paint is already starting to peel, bubble, or crumble, you can be sure that it’s a siding problem. That’s because the siding paint is designed to last at least eight to ten years. A siding that is already chipping, peeling, or cracking is a clear indication that your siding is already way past its lifespan and that the siding needs replacement immediately.

If you see any of these signs, call Hi-Tech Windows & Siding and we’ll take care of your siding replacement for you. We offer quality siding products from top manufacturers to ensure that your new siding will look great and last long against different climate conditions. So if you’re interested in investing in fiber cement siding in Boston, MA or cedar shake siding in Andover, MA and the surrounding areas, Hi-Tech Windows & Siding is your best choice.

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