Your roof has survived another long Fall and Winter in New England, but do you know if it has escaped unscathed? Having your roof inspected by a certified professional this Summer is the best way to uncover any glaring issues that could become more serious when the colder months return. These are some common issues that, once uncovered in a professional roof inspection, should be quickly addressed in order to ensure that your roof is prepared for any weather to come:

  • Leaks– Even the smallest of cracks in your roof deck can allow water to penetrate into your home. A professional roof inspector knows exactly where to look for cracks and leaks and could catch a potential serious problem before it has reached critical status.
  • Gutter damage– Sagging or dented gutters won’t stand up to snuff when the Fall and Winter return to New England. A roof inspection will identify any structural issues and make sure your gutters are properly maintained and equipped to handle them.
  • Missing shingles and flashing- If structural aspects of your roof, like shingles and flashing, are damaged or missing, you could leave your home open to serious damage come Fall and Winter. Identifying such problems during the Summer helps you be better prepared to take on the colder weather.  
  • Mold and mildew- Moisture and changing temperatures makes for mold and mildew. If there is visible mold and mildew on your roof it is crucial that you call a professional. Do not try to power wash such build up away, it is dangerous and could lead to even more roof damage.

We do not suggest that any homeowner climb up onto their roof to look for damage, no matter how experienced they may be! It is best to leave roof inspections and maintenance to certified, fully insured professionals. Call Hi-Tech Windows & Siding toll free at (800) 851-0900 to schedule a comprehensive roof inspection and make sure your roof is ready for Fall!