Even if it’s not leaking!

Did you know that there are many signs of moisture damage to your roof that don’t involve obvious leaks and running water? Addressing water damage to your roof before it starts to leak is imperative. This could save you a lot of hassle and expense later. The key is to spot potential issues early and address them before the leaks happen. Here are some tips.

Perform an Outdoor Inspection

Go outside and take a good look at your roof. Do you see missing or damaged shingles? Look for curling, cracking and tearing. If this type of damage is localized, meaning it covers less than 30 percent of the entire roof, you may be able to get away with a roof repair rather than replacement. Next, take a look at the chimney, ventilation pipes, flashing and gutters to make sure they are free from damage.

Pay particular attention to roof flashings, the aluminum or copper edging around roof protrusions and in valleys, as 90 percent of all leaks involve these areas. Properly fitted flashing around chimneys, skylights, vents, and wall and roof junctions will prevent water from entering the home. Loose flashing can cause damage to your roof, walls, ceilings, electrical systems and insulation.

Perform an Indoor Inspection

Look for moisture marks, brown, yellow or gray stains, and peeling paint on your walls and ceilings. Then head up to your attic and look for damp rafters, beads of water or leaks. If you have been noticing a sudden increase in your energy costs, poor roof ventilation could be to blame.

Improper ventilation can lead to a buildup of heat and moisture in your attic, causing rafters and sheathing to rot, insulation to break down, and shingles to buckle. Do not block off sources of roof ventilation, such as ridge vents, louvers or soffit vents. When you allow for proper attic ventilation, this helps to prevent structural damage caused by moisture, increase the lifespan of your roofing material, reduce energy consumption and improve the comfort level of your home.

Call a Professional

You as the homeowner are always the first line of defense when it comes to spotting roof damage. However, your role should be limited to visual inspections only – for your own safety. If you suspect roof damage, your best bet is to call a professional right away rather than attempt more invasive action on your own.

We can come equipped with the proper tools and safety equipment to get the job done. A basic inspection every year may save you thousands of dollars in roofing repair costs because we can expertly spot minor damage before it turns into a major issue.

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