Not all roof leaks are obvious like you see in the movies. Most of the time, you aren’t sure where the source is. You may not even know you’re taking on water in the first place until you see signs of warping or mold. Roof leaks are common in homes and may lead to serious conditions and the need for costly repairs if not caught early. Here are some common signs that you may have a hidden leak in your roof. Early action is best to prevent the issue from worsening.

Ceiling Stains

A water stain on the ceiling is one of the biggest signs of a roof leak. That doesn’t mean that the roof is leaking right above that spot, though. Detecting the source of these kinds of leaks can pose a challenge, as water runs down walls via the easiest path, not always the straightest path.

Damaged Shingles

Broken or damaged shingles can be signs of a roof leak, or at least create the perfect conditions for one. Instead of risking your safety going up on your roof to inspect the situation, call a qualified roofer to do that for you. They know what to look for, plus they can bring all the right equipment to diagnose and fix the issue.

Clogged, Dirty Soffits

Soffit vents ensure adequate ventilation in your attic, with the job of moving warm air out of the area via the roof vents. If you have clogged or dirty soffits, moisture can build up and mold will grow on the framing.

Damp External Walls

Be on the lookout for moss or mold that may be growing on your home’s external walls. This may mean there’s a continuous supply of water to these areas. Neglecting this problem may leave you with water on the interior of the structure.

Flashing Damage

Many joints and corners can be protected with the addition of flashing. Because they are potentially weak areas of your roof, they are at higher risk of leaks and damage. When damage occurs to the flashing, leaks can then set in.

Dripping Gutters

Another sign of a leaky roof is when your gutters drip water during or after a rain storm. This means your gutters are no longer doing their job of funneling water away from the home. Regularly clean out your gutters of debris and repair them when they face damage.

Stains Around Bathroom Fan

Regularly check the seals around vent caps, which is where leaks commonly occur. You will be alerted to this if there are stains around the bathroom fan.


Inspect your attic for “shiners,” which are nails originating from the roof that have missed the framing boards. In the cold weather, those nails will get a frost to them. Once it starts to warm up as the day goes on, the frost will melt and the water will drip down into your home.

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