Since your roof stands against various elements throughout its life span, it will certainly deteriorate over time. Among the most common issues that your roof will face over its lifespan are leaks. To help you understand this roofing issue, Hi-Tech Windows & Siding explains their causes, signs, and possible solutions.

Causes and Signs of Roof Leaks

The main cause of leaks is issues around roof penetrations. These can include vents, chimneys, and pipes. The flashing around these components may be broken or missing, causing water to seep through your roof.

Roofers in Andover, MA also connect leaks to shingle problems. When shingles are missing or badly damaged on a large area on your roof, this can allow water to enter through your roof’s internal structure. Strong winds and heavy rains are the usual cause of missing or damaged shingles.

You can easily spot leaks in your home with the following signs. For roofing damage, inspect it from ground level using binoculars. If weather will not permit outdoor inspection, you can do an interior check instead.

  • Water stains on ceilings and walls
  • Black spots in the attic
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Rust stains in pipes
  • Peeling paint or rotted wood
  • Shingle granules inside gutters

Possible Solutions

When you notice signs of roof leaks, have professional roofing contractors from Hi-Tech Windows & Siding inspect your roof. We can thoroughly examine your roof and look for the source of leaks. We will check flashings, caulking, and vents for damage. We will also inspect your shingles.

After inspection, we will suggest the necessary roofing repair in Andover, MA. However, if your roof is badly damaged or too old to face another year, we recommend complete replacement. For that, we make sure to install quality roofing that will protect your home for a long time.

We also specialize in other home improvement projects such as windows, siding, and doors. We can even build outdoor recreational areas to help you better entertain your guests.

Whatever your home improvement needs may be, Hi-Tech Windows & Siding will be there to help. You can learn more about our services by filling out our contact form.