Winter is best experienced inside a warm and toasty home, so make sure that you’ve done the necessary preparations to keep the chill out of your living spaces. If you haven’t already, let Hi-Tech Windows & Siding, your reliable home improvement company, help you get started. Here’s a handy winter preparedness checklist to make sure you’re well and prepared for this cold season:

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What to Do

Your doors, windows, and siding are three essential components that greatly influence your home’s comfort and efficiency. To keep warmth in and the cold out, you have to make sure that these are in good working condition.

1. Make sure that your siding in Andover, MA doesn’t have holes and cracks where moisture can seep in. Moisture can weaken the structural integrity of your home while encouraging mold and mildew growth. Prevent this by caulking and sealing these holes.

2. Check your windows and doors for recurring drafts, as these can compromise the thermal stability of your living spaces. This puts an extra load on your heating system, resulting in higher energy costs. Look for gaps and cracks in your units’ frames that may cause air leakage. Seal and caulk these as necessary to prevent energy loss.

3. Seal exterior doors that you’re not liable to use in the cold season. Confirm that they’re not letting in cold air from underneath. You should also close the gaps between the doorjamb and its adjacent wall.

4. Replace old and worn weather stripping on doors or windows.

5. Remove accumulated dirt and debris around your doors and windows for reliable operation. Check if their hardware is also in good shape. You’ll want your units completely shut to stop cold air from slipping in, and costly heating energy from leaking out.

6. Repair or replace door or window frames that show signs of rot and decay.

7. Make sure that the glass in your doors or windows is still intact.

Choosing Hi-Tech Windows & Siding

When unsure if your window and door units or cedar shake siding in Andover, MA can take on the winter, have a reliable home improvement company like Hi-Tech Windows & Siding conduct a thorough inspection. We’ll come up with energy saving solutions to fit your situation.

Turn to us for your home improvement needs. With our expert team and high-quality products, we’ll keep your home warm and comfortable this season. Fill out our online form today for a free quote.