Here are some easy ways to improve curb appeal with window replacement.

1.     Choose the Right Type of Windows for Your Home

There are many different types of windows and frames on the market today, from vinyl and fiber cement to fiberglass and clad wood. Each one will have its own look and feel, boosting your curb appeal in a different way. Do some research on the best type for your style of home, whether traditional or contemporary, and ask your window installation technician for his or her advice.

2.     Select a Window Style that Stands Out

Next up: choose the window style that works best for the front of your house. You don’t have to go with all traditional double hung windows. If you have a large living room on one side of the house, consider a bay, bow or picture window to optimize natural light. The one you choose will impact the whole look of your home from the street.

3.     Consider Window Frame Color

The window frame color you choose will make a huge difference on the appearance from the outside. Will you go with stark white for a traditional trim, or use a complementary frame color that offsets your siding color? This is an important decision, as it will set the tone for the look of the whole house for years to come. Consider the siding color you have now, as well as the hue of your front door.

4.     Cut Back Vegetation

Once your new windows are in, the last you’ll want is to block the view of them with trees, bushes, and other plants. Cut back any plants that will get in the way, either yourself or by hiring landscapers. Not only will this improve the view from the street, it will also improve your view from the inside of the home looking out. Plus, with more sunlight that’s allowed to stream through, the less money you’ll have to spend on energy bills.

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