You’ve likely heard of low-E windows before, especially if you’ve been researching replacement windows for an upcoming home improvement project. But what are they and how can they make you more comfortable in the warm months?

Low-E glass is short for “low emissivity.” This is a microscopically thin, transparent coating applied to glass that can reflect heat. Heat naturally flows from hot to cool objects. During the summer, this process can dramatically affect the indoor temperature of your home because heat moves through the glass into the cooler interior. This is basically unwanted heat gain, and can occur in two ways: through sunlight that shines directly on windows or when heat is radiated by your driveway, sidewalk, shrubs and other surfaces into your home.

Untreatedwindows make it harder to control indoor temperatures and utility costs. Windows treated with low-E coatings can reduce or eliminate unwanted heat gain through a microthin application that is pretty powerful in terms of reflective capabilities yet you can still see easily through it.

Low-e coatings can increase the window’s insulation properties, stopping all that access heat from entering your home. In turn, you spend less on cooling and enjoy more consistent comfort as well.

Advantages of Low-E Glass

Reduction of radiant heat loss through the glass is the mission of low-E coatings. Vital for interior comfort, you can rest assured that most of the exterior heat energy that attempts to get in through your windows will be reflected. This keeps you cooler in summer, but it also works in the reverse in winter, keeping warm air inside your home without letting in cold air.

Here are a few advantages of low-E glass:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Higher comfort levels throughout the summer
  • Reduced fading on carpets, curtains and couches, as it blocks two times more ultraviolet light than standard windows
  • The temperature of the inner window remains similar to the room temperature
  • Prevents condensation as well as mold or mildew growth that may result
  • Reduces the prevalence of cold spots and drafts at windows.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Increased energy efficiency for lower cooling bills
  • Elevated property value
  • Requires no special cleaning

In addition to the above benefits, the low-E coating won’t scratch off because it is applied to the inside of the glass, points out Today’s Homeowner. Plus, the coating provides an enhanced layer of protection again micro-abrasive material such as dust or sand, allowing your windows to stay clear and strong for much longer.

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