Wind is one of the most common weather events to cause damage to roofs. But it doesn’t always take a monsoon to experience damage to your roofing system. Sometimes even a minor storm can produce high MPH winds that can rip off shingles, damage flashing and more.

From missing and curling shingles to damaged soffit or fascia, here’s how to spot common signs of wind damage to your roof.

Granules Missing From Shingles

Wind can cause loss of granules to your shingles. You can look for bare spots on the actual shingles, but the best way to know for sure is if you spot a lot of granules that have gathered in your gutters. That’s where they end up and that’s what will give you a good clue that your shingles have suffered damage.

Peeling, Askew Shingles

Wind tends to knock shingles loose so that they peel from their original position. Have them repaired and repositioned right away, as water can get behind those askew shingles and lead to interior water damage.

Missing Shingles

If you are missing entire shingles or clusters of shingles, this is another tell-tale sign of wind damage. In addition to bare spots on your roof, inspect the yard around your home for the missing shingles. Replace them immediately or risk water damage to a vulnerable roof.

Cracks or Tears in Flat Roofs

For businesses or homes with flat roofs, be on the lookout for missing pieces or tears in the rubber material. Wind will lift up that material, stripping it away or leaving it with bubbles, which leaves your roof vulnerable to further damage.

Damaged Soffit or Fascia

Your soffit and fascia are designed to prevent water from getting at your roof. If they get damaged, you could introduce the possibility of leaks and even pest infestation. Wind also causes cracks in fascia and soffit, or can leave loose or bent areas.

Damaged Chimneys

If your chimney looks crooked, is leaning, has loose or missing flashing, has damaged bricks, or a cracked cap, wind could be to blame. If you spot missing spots of flashing, this can introduce leaks into your home so it’s important to get those areas repaired quickly.

Interior Damage

Inside, look for spots of discoloration or water in your attic or on your walls and ceilings. Peeling paint and wet spots can indicate a leaking roof.

Notice any of these signs of wind damage? Call a roofing pro in Methuen immediately for quick action and repair.

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