Often times, people talk about how replacement windows can transform the exterior of a home, adding to its curb appeal and property value. While that’s certainly true, little attention is paid to how new windows can transform the interior of a house as well.

Every room in your home will benefit from beautiful new windows, with countless design styles to select from. If you have been searching for effective ways to brighten your interior, start with new windows. Here’s how replacement windows and effective design can influence and transform your interiors.

1. Natural Light: A Source of Healthy Living

Humans in many ways are just like green plants. When in a naturally-lit room, they thrive; when kept in the dark, they wilt. Natural light is necessary for our bodies, minds, and spirits, and being connected to the outdoors and is a top source for healthy living. New expanded windows (picture, bay or bow perhaps?) can provide much-needed natural light in any room.

2. The Perfect View

There is nothing like a picturesque view of the outdoors through floor-to-ceiling glass windows or an expansive bow window with reading nook. Windows are so much more than simple openings in your wall; they capture the outdoors and bring them right into your home. Think about the perfect view you want, then choose a window to enhance it.

3. A View of the Sky

Your ceiling is like your “5th wall”: why wouldn’t you take advantage of its possibilities? Skylights offer both privacy and another source of natural light within rooms that you may not otherwise be able to place a lot of windows. They’re great design features that really open up a room, large or small.

4. Opacity

In bathrooms, basements and other areas where you want natural light but where privacy is of top concern, you can choose from a variety of opacity levels for each window style. Transparent glass isn’t the only kind you can invest in. Translucent glass is popular in glass block windows within bathrooms, whereby the view is obscured but natural light still enters. From frosted to etched to decorative, these are all ideal ways to spruce up the interior of your home while getting the privacy you need.

5. Variety of Shapes and Sizes = Visual Interest

While double hung windows are the most popular, there’s no hard and fast rule that says every window in your home has to follow this style. When you switch up the shapes and sizes, you vary the visual interest level in each room. Feel free to play with voids and solid spaces on walls, placing windows in unique configurations that appeal to the eye and take advantage of the gorgeous outside views. From custom-shaped windows to rectilinear and curvilinear varieties, there are many options out there to choose from.

Transforming the inside of your home is just as important as boosting the exterior view, so always consider interior design before choosing new windows.
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