If you’ve been contemplating getting new windows, you may want to think about installing them now, before winter arrives. There are many benefits to doing this, from increased comfort to lower energy bills.

Why trudge through another winter with those old, drafty, inefficient windows? Installing high-quality replacement windows will save you up to 33 percent every year on heating and cooling bills – that’s a savings of $100 to $275 a year!

Here are some reasons why new windows will keep you warmer this winter.

1.     Extra Protection From Weather

Most windows these days come with energy-efficient double-pane glass, but did you know you can add on low-E coatings and argon gas for better insulation and comfort? New England winters are brutal, as you know. Protect yourself and your home with replacement windows today.

2.     No More Drafts

Drafty windows and doors are the top contributing causes of energy loss. Energy.gov points out that new windows decrease heat loss by 20 percent or more. Think a window in your home has a draft? Try this trick: light a candle and hold it in front of the frame. If it flickers, you have an air leak.

You may have remedied this with caulking, film or weather stripping in the past, but these are temporary fixes. If you have to repeatedly apply caulk, your window or frame has suffered a breakdown and should be replaced.

3.     Weather-Tight Barrier

New windows will give you sturdier frames and more advanced glass packages to increase your comfort throughout all seasons.

4.     Natural Light

Want a brighter home that floods with natural light during the day? Who doesn’t? It’s a nicer ambiance, plus, with all that natural heat from the sun, you don’t have to put on your artificial heat system so much. You may have old windows hiding behind drapes and blinds because they’re drafty or ugly…now is the time to be proud of your new windows and put them on display.

Troubleshooting Your Windows

Heat is an expensive commodity. You don’t want to lose a lot of it through your windows. There are things you can do each year to check on the integrity of your windows, make fixes, or decide to replace them entirely.

  • Make sure seals are tight and fresh. If they are brittle, cracked or worn, have them replaced by a pro.
  • Inspect the outside seal around the window frames to ensure water hasn’t gotten in. Too much moisture can rot your wood frames and encourage mold growth.
  • Look for cracks in the glass and hire a professional to repair them or install new ones.

Contact Hi-Tech Window and Siding for New Replacement Windows

It’s already almost November. What are you waiting for? Call us now before the December holidays so we can replace your old windows with more energy efficient ones. To book your consultation, contact us today!