Siding is significant to weather protection and curb appeal. Like any other home exterior, its quality can deteriorate due to harsh weather conditions. At Hi-Tech Windows & Siding, we understand the value of your investments. We are committed to making sure that your home is protected and can retain its beauty.


Let us show you our selection of high-quality siding in Andover, MA:


This type of siding is made from overlapping wedge-shaped boards. It is available in oak grain and matte texture finish that is sure to add value to your home. It is a strong, energy-efficient, and low maintenance option. Working with our professionals gives you the opportunity to custom-fit and blend your clapboard siding with your home style. Choose from 19 different colors, and trim, soffit accessories to add character to your home.

Cedar Shake

This natural material is made of cedar wood and offers a classic appeal to any home. It can also have the look of brick, stone, and wood shingles and the low-maintenance qualities of vinyl. Our innovation also keeps vermin at bay, and its waterproof qualities prevent mold growth. In addition, it can withstand strong winds of over 100 mph. It will not dent even when struck by flying debris. Rest assured that our high-quality cedar shake siding will give you a worry-free experience.

Insulated Vinyl

Our insulated vinyl siding in Andover, MA, is made of durable vinyl material. It has a well-insulated layer within the vinyl shell that offers superior energy efficiency. It can also withstand different climates while adding curb appeal to your home. You can choose from a variety of colors and texture finishes.

At Hi-Tech Windows & Siding, we deliver high-quality products and services. We make sure that your home has adequate protection and beauty. Your siding will come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty when installed by our factory-certified representative. For your siding concerns, call us today.