Backyard DeckYour standard, traditional deck is fairly straightforward. It’s a platform, generally attached to the home, that may have handrails and steps leading up to it. Simple stuff. But there’s nothing simple about a Hi-Tech deck! The latest innovation in deck design, a Hi-Tech deck offers a number of options that your standard deck cannot. These options are designed to make it easier to enjoy the deck, providing conveniences and comforts that will make for lasting family memories.

Here’s a look at just a few of the options available when you choose a Hi-Tech deck:

Built-In Storage

Nobody likes a cluttered deck. With built-in storage cabinets and shelves you’ll have easy access to all of your deck accessories, which can be everything from seat cushions to board games to children’s toys. All without the mess.

Built-In Lighting

When your party or gathering extends into the night, Hi-Tech decks conveniently feature built-in lighting. There are a wide range of lighting options available, from recess lighting, to LED light posts, to built-in string lighting. You can even create the right mood with dimmable lighting.

Dedicated Cooking Space

Fire up the grill! Hi-Tech decks can be designed with a dedicated cooking/grilling area. Typically just far enough from the seating area to be safe, but close enough where the cook still gets to enjoy all the action. Go all the way with a pipe-fed gas grill, refrigerator and food prep area with a sink.

Multiple Levels

Why settle for one deck level? Hi-Tech decks are available with multiple levels, which can add enough capacity for all of your friends and family.

Durable, Composite Deck Materials

Unlike traditional wooden decks, Hi-Tech composite decks never need to be scraped, sanded, or stained. Their advanced composite material will stand the test of time with little required maintenance. Simply wash away any stains or dirt with a hose.

The time to install a new Hi-Tech deck is now, before the summer cookout season arrives. Call us toll free at (800) 851-0900 to discuss how we can make your summer the coolest ever!