Winter’s on its blustery way, and if you’re a wise homeowner, you’ll start preparing your roof now so it makes it through the cold season unscathed. It’s also a good idea to get your roof inspected so any repairs can be made now before the snow comes.


Start with the interior of your home. This is where roof leaks will first show themselves, appearing in ceilings and walls. Be on the lookout for any condensation, dripping or staining. Leaks occur for many reasons, such as due to holes in the roof or small cracks. Check your current insulation and make sure it’s still in good condition and that there is a sufficient amount. Did you know you can decrease your energy bill by 20 percent if you use quality, properly-fitted insulation? That’s according to US News and World Report.

Inspect your rafters, vents and furnace heating ducts for the correct amount of insulation. This is where you will most likely lose heat this winter, costing you dearly. In the case of ventilation systems, check on your bathroom fans and make sure they’re working properly. That’s because moist air from showers will damage your roof.

Got any debris that has built up in your vents? If so, clear this debris, especially in vents situated near the roof’s gables and ridges. Concentrate on those soffit vents, as restricted air flow could cause a problem.


There’s really no reason to risk your life by getting up on a ladder or onto the roof itself. Roofers can do that for you, as they come equipped with the right safety equipment and tools. All you really need is a pair of binoculars. From the ground, use these binoculars to inspect all aspects of your roof.

What is the state of your shingles? Does it look like any have blown off as the result of a previous summer storm? Do you spot debris on your roof, such as a tree branch that may have punctured your shingles? Replace any missing shingles you may have found, and hire a professional to remove debris. Your roofer can also fix any issues they may have come across during an inspection.

In the case of a metal roof, check for dents. Move to the gutters. Check that they are securely attached to your home. If they are clogged, remove the debris. Birds’ nests, acorns and leaves will only back up the flow of water, which leads to flooding, ice dams and too much stress on your siding. While you’re at it, check the flashing around chimneys and vents to ensure tightness.

It’s easy to neglect your roof. But take all the proper steps to make sure it’s looking good and working well in order to avoid leaks and structural damage over winter.

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