Your entry door is more than just a way into your home. It is the main barrier that prevents intruders for getting in, as well as the first part of the house that welcomes you, your family, or your guests when entering your home. The entry door is also a major component in your home’s façade. In fact, the entry door can make or break your home’s overall appearance simply because it is the focal point of your home’s exterior.

The entry door, however, is exposed to different conditions day in and day out. This could prematurely age it and cause it to look dilapidated. Sometimes, your entry door could look fine at first, but upon closer inspection, it may already be warping or cracking or it may be harder to open or close. These are definitely signs that your entry door will have to be replaced immediately.

If it’s time to replace your entry doors in Methuen, MA and the surrounding areas, you might want to have a look at what features homeowners should look for in a door replacement:

 • Safe and Secured

Everything from the hinges to the doorjamb to the construction of the door itself play a major role in keeping you, your family, and your valuables safe from intruders. Take a closer look at these and make sure that each part is strong enough to keep your door secure.

• Aesthetically Appealing

As earlier mentioned, the entry door is a major player in your home’s façade. Make sure that the style, color, and all the ornaments will work well with your home’s overall design scheme.

• Durable and Long-Lasting

After replacing your old entry door, you probably won’t need to think about replacing it again for a long, long time—that is, unless you picked a low quality door. So make sure that it’s going to be durable and that it’s made from top-notch materials so that it will last long even against harsh weather conditions.

• Energy Efficient

Together with your windows, your entry door actually plays a big role in keeping your home sealed, insulated, and energy-efficient.  Make sure that you choose an Energy Star qualified entry door to ensure energy efficiency.

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