If you love to enjoy a good book on the porch or wish to entertain more outdoors, a deck would make a great complement to your home. A deck, whether open or enclosed with screens, is the ultimate in outdoor living, where you can transform your yard into a kitchen, dining room, reading nook, entertainment area and more.

A deck is essentially an extension of your home, whereby you can bring design elements you love from the inside out. When considering an outdoor deck, you will have to think about things such as space preferences, how much protection from the sun and insects you need, what it will be used for primarily, and what you want to get out of it.

Here are the many things you can do with an outdoor deck.

Dine Outdoors

The kitchen is where all the magic happens. But you don’t want to miss any of the action when entertaining, running between your kitchen and the patio to deliver prepared food. An outdoor deck allows you to add a grill or even an entire outdoor kitchen, complete with seating and tables, so you can enjoy a meal outside in the fresh air with everyone else.

Protection from the Elements

Many people like to sit outdoors in the evenings, but they can’t stand the bugs. No problem. You can enclose your deck with screens to keep the bugs out while still enjoying a refreshing breeze. Or, you can simply opt for a covering of some kind, whether a solid covered area or something like a pergola that lets in some natural light. This way, you can enjoy the outdoors in the middle of the day without getting too much sun.

Added Value

Anytime you add living space to your home, you add property value and square footage (in the case of a closed-in all-season room). If you do go to sell your home in the future, you can command a higher price with a high-end deck that appeals to potential buyers.

Outdoor Entertainment Center

When you entertain guests in the nice weather, you can all gather outdoors instead of cramping inside your home on the sofa. All you need for an outdoor kitchen and dining space is a grill, weather-resistant table and chairs, and comfy pillows. Your guests may never want to leave!

A Natural Focal Point

With the addition of a deck comes the possibility for other add-ons that can build off one another. You may want to build a patio with paving stones for a relaxing reading area, or you may want to create a meandering path that ends in a tranquil water feature. You can even build a deck onto your above ground pool. Whatever the case, your deck acts as the gateway to other outdoor features.

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