If you’re thinking of putting on a deck addition to your home, you may be thinking about what kind of return on investment (ROI) you can get with this type of project. Cost vs. value can be very different depending on which home improvement project you’re talking about.

As you can see in the below Remodeling’s cost vs. value 2020 chart, a composite deck addition in the Boston area costs $24,274, with a resale value of $15,735 and a recouped cost of 65 percent. A wood deck addition in Boston costs $18k, with a resale value of $12,484 and recouped cost of 70 percent. The national average for both is higher than Boston or New England.

The recouped cost of a deck is about middle of the road. An upscale bathroom addition, while it sounds nice, only has a recouped cost of barely 50 percent. A master suite addition is even lower, at 47 percent. Generally, improvements that boost curb appeal and functionality of the home have the greatest ROI. See, for example, the garage door replacement, with a recouped cost of 106 percent.

In general, the cost to build a deck is outweighed by the value it adds to the home, making a deck addition of any material a worthwhile home improvement project, says House Logic.

Why is a deck considered such a good investment? For one thing, it increases your living area at a minimal cost per square foot. The National Association of Home Builders says the cost for a wood deck, for example, is less than $35 per square foot.

A new deck also increases your enjoyment of the outdoors, which is an intrinsic value that you can’t put a price tag on. Potential buyers also like to see decks, as they can easily picture themselves grilling out and relaxing in the nice weather. This means they may be willing to pay a bit more for a home with a beautiful deck, especially a composite one.

While wood is a traditional choice for decking, vinyl decks are becoming more popular for their durability and low maintenance requirements. This material doesn’t require regular sealing or staining like wood does. But you can still get the beauty of wood for your deck by choosing vinyl that mimics the look of natural wood. You can also choose between flat or uniform hues, or mottled and marbled looks that mimic stone materials like granite. In the end, you get greater flexibility with greater access to beautiful designs.

But no matter which material you choose, you can enhance your property’s value, appearance, convenience and comfort with a new deck.

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