If an asphalt shingle roof is in your future, your first question may be: what type of shingle should I choose? This is a personal decision that depends on the architectural style and color of your home, as well as your budget and personal preference. Here’s what to consider when choosing the best shingles for your new roof.

Types of Asphalt Shingles

There are two main types of shingles to choose from:

  • Three-tab: These are traditional, featuring a flat appearance. They weigh and cost less than dimensional roofing shingles, but aren’t nearly as popular these days as they once were.
  • Dimensional roofing shingles: Most homeowners prefer this type nowadays, as they add more character and depth to your home, available in many colors, styles, and textures. They are thicker and more protective than three-tab.


Most homeowners are concerned with the color of the shingles they go with, and for good reason. The right color will complement the rest of your home. The wrong one will detract from its curb appeal and even value. Here’s a guide on house color with the ideal corresponding shingle color.

  • Red house: Dark brown, green, gray, black shingles
  • Light gray house: Gray, black, blue, white, green shingles
  • Beige or cream house: Black, brown, gray, green, blue shingles
  • Brown house: Gray, green, blue, brown shingles
  • White house: anything, but good choices include gray, brown, black, green, blue, white
  • Log house: green, gray, brown, black

In northern states, natural sunlight features a cool, bluish cast, while in the south, the light gets warmer and more reddish. In New England, cool greys and icy blues look great, but not so much under the orange sunset of Arizona or Florida’s tropical light of Florida.

Geographic Location

In New England, brick homes are more common, pairing well with various shades of gray, black, green and dark brown. In southern states, frame or stucco homes are more common, pairing well with lighter shingle colors of white, beige and light gray.

Architectural Style

You’ll want to choose a shingle color and roofing material that enhances your property’s architectural look and feel, drawing the eye towards features such as dormers, gables, skylights, and turrets. The structure of your roof will also play a part, as the higher the pitch or greater the slope, the more of your roof will be seen from ground level, therefore impacting the curb appeal of your property.

Take a drive around your neighborhood to see what colors your neighbors are using for their homes. This will give you a general idea of what goes well with your type of home in the area.

Your roofer can also recommend the best shingle color, type and style to complement your home.

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