Energy loss and home comfort go hand in hand. When the colder months return and you turn on your heating system, you want to be sure that you can afford to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. But if your home is leaking energy, that is a costly proposition, no matter how you heat your home. According to the National Society of Heating and Ventilation Engineers, about 44% of the energy generated to heat or cool your home is lost through walls

that are inadequately insulated. Insulated vinyl siding is specifically designed to counteract that energy loss, trap costly energy within your home, and help you to keep a comfortable home without breaking the bank.

Take a Load Off Your Heating Systems

Insulated vinyl siding offers superior durability and insulation value. The foam backed vinyl material stops air from escaping from your home. This traps the hot or cool air that you pay for within, and allows your temperature regulating systems to work as designed, not overtime like they have been. If those systems run on electricity, you will save on those bills every month. If they run on fuel oil, you will use less fuel and therefore pay for fewer gallons of oil.

Get a Return on Your Investment

Installing insulated vinyl siding onto your home is a smart investment. The money you will save on energy bills and the increased value of your home will add up and through the years pay for the cost of installation. Plus, the durable exterior of insulated siding requires little to no maintenance, saving you the countless hours that go into maintaining other siding types or a painted home.

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