winter wallpaperNow that we are in the depths of winter you might expect that our crack team of window installers here at Hi-Tech are sitting around waiting for the Spring thaw. But you’d be mistaken.

First of all, our window guys are not the type to sit around. They are active, high energy people who are always looking for the next job to do. And we work hard to keep them busy all winter long.

That’s right, we install replacement windows all winter, in virtually all types of weather. We are one of the few companies doing window replacement in Methuen and the surrounding town during the cold weather months.

The skill of our installation crews, the custom sizing of our windows, and the experience we bring to planning your project all combine to make winter window replacement a breeze – but only for a few minutes! Because we have mastered the logistics and timing of the window replacement process, we can have your old window out and a new Hi-Tech window in place in a matter of minutes.

One advantage we have is that all of the windows we install are carefully measured, custom sized and manufactured specifically for your home. That means we know they will fit perfectly, with no major adjustments or construction needed to “fill the hole” created when we remove your old window. In addition, we work in teams to help speed the process, and replace one window at a time to minimize any exposure to the cold.

So if you thought you had to wait until Spring to replace your drafty old windows, think again! We can have you snug and secure in your home with brand new, energy efficient Hi-Tech windows now, while you can still enjoy the many advantages a window that delivers superior cold weather performance.

If you’d like to button up your home against the cold with new windows, call us toll free at (800) 851-0900. Or visit our website at