Bay and bow windows make excellent accents for any large living room or great room. Featuring more glass surface than standard windows, these styles add depth and dimension as well as extra seating and storage space, if desired. They give you the best of both worlds: for the interior, you get classically beautiful, hand-crafted wooden frames, and for the exterior, you get durable vinyl and advanced insulated glass.

Taking the best from both traditional and modern replacement windows, bay and bow vinyl windows are easily customizable, resulting in a perfect fit for nearly any room in your home. Are you caught between the two types and just can’t decide which is best for you? Let’s go over the pros and cons of each window style.

Bay Windows

A combination of three or more windows that angle outwards from the exterior wall, bay windows typically have four projection angles to give you an extended view of the outdoors as well as additional seating space. Bay windows fit ideally in wall spaces of 40 inches or larger. The three windows usually comprise a large fixed window in the center with a smaller window on each side.

Bay windows are available in a variety of  shapes and styles, such as octagonal, hexagonal or square. Because they extend further from the home, you enjoy more floor space and seating areas.

Bow Windows

While similar to bay windows, bow windows do have their differences. They extend beyond the exterior wall, but sweep away from the wall in an arch of four, five or six windows. It’s an elegant window style that is usually larger than bay windows. Bow windows typically have more glass area due to the curve rather than corners. Just like with bay windows, you can add bench seating or a shelf.

Bow windows are best for exterior walls or corners of 80 inches or more. They are usually comprised of four or more fixed or vented windows. Because they’re wider than bay, bow windows can be installed around the corner of a house for added visual appeal.

Both are similar in cost and both add vibrancy to any large room, flooding it with natural light. What it comes down to is personal preference. Deciding on which one to go with is a choice you have to consider only after doing some research. Our team can help you decide from a design and installation perspective, and it all starts with a free consultation.

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