Whether you’re looking to put on a new roof, deck, siding or doors, you likely have a lot of questions for your home improvement contractor. Asking these questions well beforehand will give you a better idea of the contractor’s abilities, timeframe, and more. Know what to expect when you ask these common questions before hiring them.

1. Are you licensed and insured for this kind of work?

Licensing is a must, especially in the construction industry. Ask for a copy of their license and check up on it to make sure it’s current. Find out if they have insurance, which is another must. They should have general liability insurance, which provides protection for your home while they are on the property in case an accident occurs, such as if the workers hit a water line and flood the house.

They should also have workers’ compensation insurance, which provides liability protection in the event someone gets hurt while working on the property.

2. How many building permits have you gotten in my area recently?

Ask if the contractor is familiar with local building code requirements and the permit process in your town. Make sure they have previously worked in your area and ask for references. A contractor who’s new to the business may not be the best choice when you have a complex project. You want someone who is familiar with your community’s regulations.

3. Can you provide references?

Ask for references and call them to ask if they were happy with the contractor. Ask them if they would hire them again, what the process was, how easy they were to work with, and whether timelines were adhered to. Also, ask about professionalism.

4. What is the estimated project timeline?

It’s tough to estimate when any given project will begin and end. Keep in mind, delays happen that aren’t necessarily in the control of the contractor, such as material shortages and inclement weather. But if you have a deadline in mind, ask your contractor if they can meet that deadline. Be realistic about the timeline, as things can change with the contractors’ other customers and projects.

5. Do you use sub-contractors?

Most general contractors don’t do everything themselves. So, if you are getting multiple projects done, it’s more likely that they will hire out for the sub-contractors to handle the specialty jobs. Find out how the contractor vets their plumbers, electricians, painters, and other specialists.

6. Who will supervise my project?

Most general contractors don’t get in the trenches and perform the back breaking work themselves. Rather, they act more in a supervisory role, stopping by the worksite daily to ensure everything is going smoothly and coordinating projects.  Ask who the point of contact will be if you have questions or any issues come up.

By asking these and more questions, you can feel more confident in the home improvement contractor you ultimately choose.

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