A new roof is one of the biggest investments you as a homeowner will make in your home and property.  So it’s natural that you would want to extend the lifespan of your roof as much as possible. Here are five tips to keep your roof looking and functioning great throughout the years so you can experience the best ROI.

1.    Maintain Your Gutters

Clogged gutters lead to roof leaks. When debris such as twigs, leaves and birds’ nests impede the flow of water through your gutters and downspouts, that moisture can back up and pool along the bottom edge of the roof. Over time, that water can deteriorate the fascia and roof edge. You can keep your gutters clean by scooping out debris every so often, or you can have a roofer or gutter professional do it for you.

2.     Trim Overhanging Branches

Having trees on your property is desirable because they provide shade and can muffle noises. However, when they get overgrown and hang onto your roof, they can puncture the roofing material and cause leaks. Also, when leaves don’t fall off your roof naturally, moisture can get trapped underneath them. Keep those branches trimmed back to avoid this trouble.

3.     Ventilate Your Attic

Proper ventilation gives cool air an opportunity to enter the attic and warm, humid air to exit. If you have a buildup of too much moisture in the attic, this can breed mold that can damage the insulation and the roof itself. Proper ventilation will also save you cash on your energy bills, as hot air trapped in the attic can warm up the whole house and tax your AC system.  

For proper ventilation, you will need soffit vents near the lower section of the attic area and some kind of roof vent near the highest part to allow cool air to get in and hot air to escape.

4.     Insulation for Keeping Heat Out

Shingle roofs tend to absorb heat, so if the attic isn’t properly insulated, all of your interior spaces will heat up. Make sure you have the right kind of insulation and enough of it, but don’t block the vents. When insulation is correctly installed, you will experience optimal energy efficiency.

5.    Get a Professional Inspection Annually

Inspections are vital to preventing roof maintenance. A professional will let you know if there are any issues that need to be addressed and then make the necessary repairs. Remember, total roof replacement is a costly venture, and many times it’s unnecessary with the proper maintenance. Do your part to extend the roof’s natural lifespan with general upkeep and inspections.

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