From condensation inside the glass to rattling panes, there are many telltale signs alerting you to the fact that you should replace your old windows. You won’t believe what a difference replacement windows will make! They not only look great, but they are more energy efficient so they help you save money. Plus, they’re easier and safer to operate and clean.

Check out these five warning signs that you should replace your windows this spring.

1.    Sticking or Loose Frames

Do you have trouble smoothly opening and closing your windows? This is one of the major signs that they need to be replaced. It usually means the frames have warped and now don’t come together as they should. That said, sticking windows can sometimes be normal during days of high humidity. But under normal conditions, you shouldn’t have any trouble moving them up and down. If you do, this could be due to balance failure or warping. It can get unsafe to leave them as-is, especially if you have children in the house.

So whether your frames slam down hard when you try to close them gently, or they stick while open and you can’t wrestle them closed, you need replacement windows sooner rather than later.

2.    Rattling Panes

Rattling panes can be annoying when it’s breezy out, due to all the racket they make. But this situation arises when your windows do not properly fit any longer. They may have lost their seals and weather stripping, which degrades the frame over time. Because you’re not getting a tight seal thanks to those rattling panes, you’re losing conditioned air through the cracks, leading to higher than normal energy bills. Save yourself some money and get new ones.

3.    Cracked Frames

When your frames are starting to show little cracks, these are fractures that can pose a safety issue if not addressed. Not only can jagged edges cut fingers, the window itself could fail as the cracks widen and prohibit you from operating it as usual.

4.    Frost or Condensation

When indoor air hits a cold window pane and cools, the window has a reduced ability to hold in moisture. This water can encourage the growth of mold. If you see that your windows have been “sweating” a lot lately or you see constant condensation that clouds the two panes of glass, this means the seal has been broken. There’s really no repair for this; window replacement will be needed.

5.    HVAC System Constantly Kicks On

If you have been noticing your furnace or AC cycles too often, coupled with higher than usual energy bills, your existing windows are not doing a good job of insulating your home. You’re losing heat and cold air through drafts, forcing your HVAC system to work harder just to keep up.

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