Front doors make an impact, whatever material, color, or style they may be, because they are one of the first things people see. If you’re in the market for new front doors, here are a few buying tips to ensure the best entry door for your home:

1. Material choice matters.

Entry doors in Methuen, MA, always face different weather conditions aside from everyday use. It’s important that you choose durable and long-lasting materials such as steel so you don’t have to spend too much on repairs or maintenance. Stronger materials also ensure safety.

2. Before choosing new doors, measure your current door opening’s width, thickness, and height.

Doors should have a tight fit to prevent any gaps that could lead to air leaks. These leaks can cause a rise in your monthly electric bills.

3. Look for finishes that will last a long time.

Entry doors contribute to your home’s overall look. If you’re choosing a door with a paint finish, make sure it can last a long time to save you money on maintenance. For example, doors from Hi-Tech Windows & Siding come with a paint finish made of high-quality acrylic enamel. This is factory-applied over multiple primer coats, outlasting other conventional paint.

4. Consider functionality, but don’t forget about aesthetic appeal.

You don’t have to sacrifice curb appeal. Door selections come in different styles and colors that will surely match your home’s architectural style.

5. When picking out colors for your doors, you can go safe by using the same tone or go bold.

The primary rule in choosing a door color is to stay within the style tone of other exterior components. If you want your doors to stand out, you can opt for bright tones such as yellow or orange.

For beautiful and durable doors in Methuen, MA, or the nearby areas, trust Hi-Tech Windows & Siding. We specialize in heavy-gauge steel entry doors that not only guarantees safety and curb appeal but also comfort. Our doors reduce energy loss through proper installation and insulating materials.

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