When it comes to your home’s exterior appearance, the siding plays a major role. That’s because it is pretty much wrapped around your home, enhancing your home’s curb appeal. More than just for your home’s look, the siding also provides a second layer of protection for your family and home. It helps keep your home cool during hot summers and warm during winters.


Due to its importance in your home’s overall appeal and performance, make sure to get the right siding for your home. Hi-Tech Windows & Siding the most reliable dealer and installer of quality siding in Andover, MA, lists the five things you’ll need to consider before making your choice:

1. Cost

Choose wisely; picking out the one that is within your budget range doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pick the one with the lowest price. As they say, you often get what you pay for, so be careful with low-priced siding products. Furthermore, if you spend a little more, you might not need to replace your siding for a long time.

2. Durability

Of course, you would want a siding that would last a long time. In addition, you will need a tough and durable siding product as to provide protection for your family and your home against the elements.

3. Maintenance Needs

If cleaning a siding is not your cup of tea, why choose a siding that requires constant cleaning and maintenance? Choosing a vinyl over wood, for instance, is definitely a smart choice for people who do not like cleaning their siding twice a year.

4. Installation Ease

If you’re installing the siding yourself, or if you’re hiring a professional to do the job, ease of installation can make the project faster and more convenient. The harder the material is to install, the more time and money the project will likely consume.

5. Style

Since the siding is one of the most visible parts of your home exteriors, it plays a huge part in your home’s overall appearance. Make sure that the color, shape, profile, and texture will work well with the rest of your home’s design scheme.

If you are in need of the right siding for your home, Hi-Tech Windows & Siding is the company to call. We are the go-to siding expert in the area, as we offer different materials, including, wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and cedar shake siding in Andover, MA, and the surrounding areas.

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