If you need new windows and know your siding will be coming up on the end of its useful life soon too, or vice versa, there are any advantages to combining both projects and tackling them at once. From hiring a single contractor and ensuring a more efficient process to incorporating compatible styles and saving time and money, we will go over a few of those benefits here.

1.    Single Contractor for Both Jobs

When you have one contractor who is skilled at both siding and window installation, take advantage of their expertise, because not all contractors are skilled at both. If you decide to do it piecemeal, you will have to hire two separate contractors at two different times, running the risk of two different levels of quality. This also just adds to your stress, as you have to contact two sets of contractors (getting three estimates from each before deciding on one), which is time consuming and frustrating.

When you can vet just one professional for both jobs, you cut down on your stress level and time, freeing you up to concentrate on more important areas of your life. In addition, with a single point of contact, you will know just who to call for a possible issue or repair down the road, without listening to one company blame the other.

2.    More Efficient Process

Rather than have to disrupt your family twice with two separate projects and companies, you can set aside time for one big project at once while dealing with the same professionals. When one company is working on your home, even with two different projects going on, the process goes more smoothly because everything is kept in-house. The contractors know the process, they know how to work well with each other, they know where to get the best materials, and they know how to stick to a timeline.

3.    Compatible Styles

Keeping the style of siding and windows consistent is key. You don’t want one contractor installing siding that just doesn’t match with the window style and overall home style, and vice versa. Keeping the project to one company ensures that the same materials, sources, and styles are being utilized, with optimal compatibility in mind.

4.    Save Time and Money

Most companies will give you a discount when you book two separate projects with them at once. You save time and hassle of having to schedule two projects and they get the assurances of your loyal business and referrals. You also save yourself a lot of time without having to hunt down estimates for two separate companies.

As you can see, there are many advantages to booking your siding and window replacement projects together!

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