Roof replacement is a serious matter. Given the costs and expenses, it’s important to get the right kind of roofing system the first time around. So, what makes a roof “right” for you? Hi-Tech Windows & Siding knows that there are many features to take into consideration.


1. Aesthetics
When people think about new roofing in North Andover, MA, the first reason is based on looks. Fortunately, many roofing materials today provide choices when it comes to colors and design. Asphalt shingles are a popular example of this kind of customizability. The key consideration here is to choose the materials that match your home’s particular style and existing color scheme.

2. Durability
What’s the point of your roofing look good when it can’t last long? Be sure to find that mix and balance of strengths that suit your particular needs. Clay, for instance, has excellent resistance to, but isn’t ideal for areas where stronger winds are expected. Slate, on the other hand, will resist nearly everything nature can throw at it. Fortunately, all our roofing options feature durable materials.

3. Affordability
Whether you go for costlier or more affordable roofing materials will naturally depend on your budget. So when it comes to this consideration, the key is to know how much you’re willing to spend. Of course, be sure that your choice is a cost-effective option. Your roofing system should still provide you with the benefits you need. At Hi-Tech Windows & Siding, we believe that the cost should not hinder you from ensuring your household’s protection. We offer a flexible financing program that is sure to make your home improvement project easier.

4. Energy Efficiency
Being among the best roofers in Andover, MA, we place an emphasis on energy-efficient products. A roof should regulate heat transfer across its surface, which allows you to finely control your home’s climate without taxing your air conditioning and heating systems. This assures you of more savings from your energy bills monthly. Slate, clay, and metal have proven to be some of the most energy-efficient options today.

Hi-Tech Windows & Siding has a whole range of roofing options to meet your home improvement concerns. If you need a little guidance and help picking out the perfect roofing material, we’ll be more than happy to help you out. Give us a call today!