A bit of cleaning on this side, a dash of repainting on that one—frequent maintenance on your siding can get a little tedious after a while. One solution for all these woes can be insulated vinyl siding.


While vinyl siding is already popular among homeowners in the U.S., insulated vinyl takes it even further. It is a cost-effective, more energy-efficient siding in Andover, MA.

As your trusted home improvement contractor, Hi-Tech Windows & Siding recommends insulated vinyl due to these benefits:

Energy Efficiency

R-value measures thermal performance on your exterior walls. Insulated vinyl’s high R-value means it’s more effective in providing insulation. It can give your home up to four times the usual insulation, cutting down on your energy consumption. You can expect reduced heating and cooling costs while you enjoy a thermal-comfortable home.

Strength and Durability

Insulated vinyl has enhanced impact-resistance and weather performance. The harsh elements are no match when you have insulated vinyl as a barrier. It also creates a more solid wall since it reduces potential wall irregularities. Homeowners can also appreciate how durable it is, as it can resist mold and rot, while withstanding sun and water exposure.


Add instant curb appeal and value to your home. Insulated vinyl siding are available in a selection of colors and textured finishes. You’re sure to find the style that will suit your home best.

For aesthetic appeal, energy savings and protection, insulated vinyl siding can meet your needs. If you want this reliable, low maintenance alternative to traditional siding, call Hi-Tech Windows & Siding today. We are the first choice for superior insulated vinyl and cedar shake siding in Andover, MA.

Our Insulated Solid Core vinyl siding is made up of rigid, durable vinyl, with a layer of insulating material within the shell. It offers excellent energy efficiency, weatherability, and visual appeal to your home. As we offer this in an array of colors and styles, we will make sure that your insulated vinyl siding will match your home.

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